Our horseback riding tours in Samara, Costa Rica

All our tours are suited for all level of experiences, and children are welcomed!

Between jungle, river and Buenavista Beach (grey sand)


Horse Jungle tour square

Enjoy this tour between jungle, river, and beach to the rhythm of the horses’ hooves, calm and docile. The adventure starts as soon as the gate opens: you will cross the Buenavista river followed by the observation of animals and flora in the Guanacaste forest (typical from the region).

At the end of the track, the Buenavista Beach: deserted and preserved from any infrastructures. This long beach of grey sand is typically Costa Rican. Your horse will paddle in the waves of the Pacific Ocean coastline for a magic experience.

We will found our way back through the field occupied by wild cows and horses. The tour last for about 2 hours and a half.

Between jungle, river and Barigona Beach (white sand)


Horse Jungle Barigona tour

During 3 hours, you will be submerged in a tropical atmosphere. The adventure started with the crossing of Buenavista river. Listening to the birdsongs and other exotic sounds, the quiet and volunteer horses allowed us to cross thé Guanacaste forest (typical from the region).

Then we will reach Barigona Beach, the dreaming spot: white sand Beach bordered with palm trees with a clear turquoise crystal water. The views are breathtaking and unforgettable.

On the way back we will go through Buenavista Village to try a local specialty!

We also provide riding hikes (several days) for confirmed riders.

Riding hikes several days Samara Costa rica

Ride your horse all day, go off the beaten track. Programs of the day or days personalized. Meals, feet on the sand, included.

1 full day: 130 $

2,5 days: Discover Barco Quebrado beach, Barigona beach, Buenavista beach, Samara beach, sea views at Isquierda, see mountains sunset: 295 $